You go to our website and purchase a tree that you like from us.
Pick the plan you like, fruit/ nut or native species and the number of trees.
We travel to Morocco and gift your tree to a poor family in the mountains.
We help plant the tree and record the location, put a label on the tree with the name you asked us to put on it.
We then take a photo of the tree and send this to you.
Then when we return to Ireland, depending on the plan you have picked, we email you a certificate with all these detail on it.
We plan to plant trees mostly around remote villages in various locations around the world.
The idea is to plant trees that will be beneficial to local communities for generations to come, olive trees can help up to 10 generations, apples 3 to 4.
Large tree plantations can sometimes be damaging to both nature and humans.
Ben`s forest will not just be in one place but many different parts of the world and one day in Ireland too.


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